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Hall of Coins and Currency

Numismatics is the systematic accumulation and study of coins, tokens, paper money, and objects of similar form and purpose.

U.S. Mint  1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar - Class I
Photo from the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution


1785 Immune Columbia

1787 Brasher Doubloon

1793 Chain Cent

1793 Chain Penny

1793 Liberty Cap Cent

1804 Silver Dollar

1822 Gold Half Eagle

1864 Two Cent Piece

1870-s 3 Dollar Gold Piece

1873-cc Liberty Seated

1876-cc 20 Cent Piece

1885 Trade Dollar

1894-s Barber Dime

1907 Gold Double Eagle

1909-s Vdb Cent

1913 Liberty Head Nickel

1943 Copper Cents

4 Reales

8 Reales Bustos

Alabama Centennial

American Gold Eagles

Assay Coin

Australian Gold Kangaroos

Australian Silver Kookaburra

Austrian 100 Coronas

Austrian Philharmonic Gold

Barber Dime

Barber Half Dollar

Barber Quarter

Belgium Gold Coins

Bi-centennial Quarter

Brasher Doubloon

Brasher, Ephraim

British Sovereigns

Buffalo Head Nickel

Byzantine Coins

Canadian Maple Leafs

Capped Bust 5 Dollars

Capped Bust Half Dollar

Capped Bust Quarter

Capped Draped Bust

Centennial Olympic

China Gold Panda

Civil War Era

Civil War Tokens

Classic Head 5 Dollars

Classic Head Gold

Classic Head Large Cent

Classic Quarter Eagle

Coiled Hair Gold

Colonial Coinage

Colonial Currency

Colonial Tokens

Columbian Exposition

Commemorative Dollars

Confederate Coins

Confederate Currency

Corinthian Stater

Coronet 20 Gold Dollars

Coronet Large Cent

Coronet Liberty Dollars

Coronet Liberty Gold

Coronet Twenty Dollars

Dahlonega Gold Coins


Double Eagles


Draped Bust Dime

Draped Bust Dollar

Draped Bust Half Dollar

Draped Bust Large Cent

Draped Bust Quarter

Draped Bust Silver Dollar

E Plurbus Unum

Early Eagle

Early Quarteeagle

Eisenhower Dollar

Error Coins

Error Notes

Escudos Bustos

Flowing Hair Dollar

Flowing Hair Gold

Flowing Hair Halfdollar

Flying Eagle Penny

Franklin Half Dollar

French Gold Angels

French Gold Coin

French Gold Roosters

Gold American Eagle

Gold Angels

Gold Coin

Gold Double Eagle

Gold Krugerrand

Gold Maple Leafs

Gold Sovereigns

Gold Swiss 20 Francs

Greek Gold Staters




Hard Times

Heraldic Bust

Heraldic Bust Gold

Indian Eagle

Indian Half Eagle

Indian Head Dollar

Indian Head Gold

Indian Head Nickel

Indian Head Penny

Indian Quarter Eagle

Italian Gold Coin

Jefferson Nickel

Kennedy Half Dollar

Large Cents

Large Size Currency

Liberty Cap Large Cent

Liberty Coronet Gold

Liberty Double Eagle

Liberty Eagle

Liberty Head Dollar

Liberty Head Gold Dollar

Liberty Head Nickel

Liberty Quarter Eagle

Libery Half Dollar

Lincoln Centennial

Lincoln Penny

Los Angeles Xxiii Gold

Maine Centennial

Mercury Dime

Mexican 50 Pesos

Morgan Silver Dollar

National Currency

Obsolete Currency

Panama Pacific Expositio

Peace Silver Dollar

Pilgrim Tercentenary

Platinum American Eagle

Platinum Eagle Proofs

Proof Double Eagle

Proof Eagle

Proof Gold Dollars

Proof Half Dollar

Proof Morgan Dollars

Proof Peace Dollars

Proof Set

Proof Silver Dollar

Queen Isabella Quarter


Red Seal Currency

Roman Coin

Roman Denarius

Roosevelt Dime

Saint Gaudens

Saint Gaudens Double Eagle

Seated Liberty 20 Cents

Seated Liberty Dime

Seated Liberty Dollar

Seated Liberty Quarter

Seated Libery Half Dollar

Shield Nickel

Shield Two Cents

Silver Denarii

Silver Rounds

Small Cents

Small Size Currency

Southern States Notes

Spanish Pieces Of Eight

St Gauden, Augustus

St Gaudens Double Eagle

Standing Liberty Quarter

Swiss 20 Francs

Swiss Gold Coin

Trade Dollar

Treasure Bar

Two Cents Shield

United States Coinage

Us Assay Coin

V Nickel

Walking Liberty

Washington Medals

Washington Quarter

Widows Mite

World Coinage

World Currency

Wreath Large Cent


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